Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A Patchwork Quilt for Gemma's Baby Shower

I'm not sure I can sew a straight line mum

Oh it all comes flooding back to you once you relax into it

Wow! Look what i have made for my best mate Gemma's baby

Today was a really weird day. It all started off with us over sleeping and Julia nearly missing her doctors appointment and it got more weird as the day went on. It is very u unusual for Julia and I to find time to be creative together but today we worked along side each other so well that within 3 hours we had made a floor quilt, a toy bag and a play cushion, all from a nursery rhyme panel that i had brought from Patchwork Corner many months ago and never managed to find time to make up. Julia did all the sewing together and I was quality control, making sure all the pieces went together and checking and cutting to size. When it was complete Julia went off to Matalan to buy some yellow and cream baby grows, booties and mitts to go with the quilt colours while i machine quilted it and finished the edges. We sent my mum off to Tudor rose patchwork shop to get a pillow pad and cord to use as a drawstring to the bag and by 6pm we were finished with everything complete and ready to pack in clear cellophane and yellow ribbons. I had a lovely time quilt making with my daughter. It was a special time that doesn't happen very often.

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