Monday, 14 May 2012

Fun in Edinburgh

I left home on Friday to give my talk at the Scottish regional day. I was full of nerves although I do not know why. It's not as if I have never given a talk before.
The hotel where we stayed was central for everything in Edinburgh and once I had given my talk I was looking forward to exploring the city with Carolyn. The weather was just dreadful when we arrived and it didn't bode well for the days we were in Scotland but I wasn't going to be put off.
After finding in the hotel and getting a good nights sleep we woke to a lovely bright day to go to the regional day.
With a suit case so full that I could hardly move it we caught a taxi and arrived in style. I was made to feel very welcome and i enjoyed being with all the other like minded ladies.
I was so thankful that the disc i had prepared with my presentation on it opened and worked setting my mind to rest and allowing me to relax.
Carolyn worked so hard on the sales table selling my wares while i set up and laid out my work.
The ladies were amazed that i allowed them to handle my work but i like to hand my work about and am not precious about it in the least. It just gives me another excuse to make more.
The regional day was very successful and everyone had worked so very hard to make it just that.

Regional day

The Art Complex where the Olympic postcards are hung
When we returned to our hotel after the regional day we were starving and so went in search of food.
We found a lovely Italian place and sat down to a starter, a main pasta dish and then a desert.
Our eyes were bigger than our bellies becoz as you can see they were hugh and no we couldn't eat them all { Mind we had a jolly good try}

A well earned treat after a hard days work
The next day {Sunday} we were up and out by 10am and on a sight seeing bus tour to get the lay of the land. It was flaming chilly on top of the bus but we gritted our teeth and stuck it out
A windy day on a sight seeing bus round Edinburgh

The Scottish Parliament building with the controversial thinking pods on the side of the building.
What a fantastic design source picture

Stone work flowers for design

After our bus tour and a wander along the Royal Mile we headed off for a look around the Scottish museum where i was thrilled to learn they had a travelling exhibition called "Fascinating Mummies" I was in my element as i love all things Egyptian. Yes okay i hear you yell, that i only do flowers and natural things. That is true but there has to be an exception to the rule and mummies and Egypt are it.
Love the patterning on this head piece

Wow fantastic beading

Beading with a scarab

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