Monday, 31 December 2012

So that was Christmas

Thanks to my whole family I have had a wonderful time over the festive week.
It kicked off on xmas eve with baking sausage rolls and mince pies with my mum and sister while at the same time I knocked up what is fast becoming my Christmas eve signature dish of carrot and chestnut soup with Stilton and ham puff pastry swirls to dip in it.
We all went to my daughters for festive nibbles in the evening and after several hours of pleasant chit chat we came home to find Father Christmas had visited us early and left lots of interesting parcels round our tree.
I set the lounge table ready for breakfast as I knew my Julia would be arriving at some unearthly hour on xmas morning and finally flung myself into bed around midnight. Julia arrived honking her horn and shouting merry xmas at 7am on said morning and I was ready for her .
Stockings were opened, cooked breakfast arrived on the table and then the serious task of opening all those presents began. I coincided myself spoilt Rotten and I enjoyed every item I received. Xmas lunch was very quite as Julia went to her future in lawsuit for lunch but tomorrow is panto time so I will need my ear muffs when I'm sat next to Julia.

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