Friday, 8 February 2013

Mixed media approach

On Sunday just gone I spent most of the day wasting time instead of just getting down to it. So on Monday morning with a Million ideas rattling around in my head I started out to get my mixed media class sorted. Having spent the day before wasting time ( no thinking very hard) I decided to make a fabric with plenty of texture and then paint it with acrylics, inks and anything else I could chuck at it. I decided to use Angie Hughes, textile artist in this sort of approach as my inspiration (check out her book, it's great) and I must say I really enjoyed myself . When I painted my created fabric I also painted papers in the same range of colours so that I could use them to apply to the fabric surface. I finally used my paper punches to punch the flowers and really enjoyed working with the air drying clay.
Now I just need the class to fill and my students can all have fun too

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