Monday, 23 December 2013

Willow pattern stitched with love

I like to have some hand stitching on the go at all times. I can't just sit in the arm chair and watch the telly. This version of willow pattern was stitched in response to a conversation I had with a student when we were talking about having a complete dinner service given to us as a wedding present and how over the years it has got brocken and disappeared from the plate cupboard.
There's something quite relaxing and pleasing about blue and white so I decided it would be a relaxing and pleasant workshop to run on that busy lead up to the festive season.
9 ladies met for the day mid December where we spent a lovely day just stitching with basic stitches to produce a visual memory to frame and decorate our homes. 
It was a real pig to get the plate truly circular but at least I can't break this nod when washing it up. Lol

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