Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Crochet felted bag kit

I have so enjoyed making up this crochet bag which once worked and assembled was thrown in to my washing machine with three tennis balls and felted to give this really strong and usable bag. I brought it as a kit which is really weird because it's normally me designing a kit, not me buying one. This kit came from Judit at Monster yarns, Bedford as a knitted kit. I'm not all that at knitting so I crocheted it instead and the result was just as good as knitting. 
It was lovely when felted but you know me, if there are no flowers involved I'm not a happy woman. So I decided to give simple bubble wrap wet felting a go and make my own felted flowers to embellish the bag. The wet felting was so easy and I soon had several felted flowers to go on my bag. Whilst the flowers were wet I dabbed in some wood glue so that when dry they would hold their shape, which they did fantastically. I also made extra felt to cut leaves out of which when dry I dry needle felted on to the  bags surface. The flowers were then beaded in their centres and attached in to position on the bag at the same time. It was such fun and so different from what I normally do and teach. I really enjoyed my Christmas project and now have the burning desire to get going on another bag which I will design this time. Thanks Judit your kit was an inspiration to me across the festive holidays

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