Sunday, 6 April 2014

Machine embroidered flora bunds antique hanging

Wow what a weekend .
I was over on the Licky Hills just past Birmingham with the Keep on sewing group organised by Pam NEAVE. What a group. They are so talented and prolific with their varied crafts. The ladies could make a great travel holdal with the very patient and talented Janice or Gail Lauther was on hand with the most stunning bias patchwork scenes and inspirations from New Zealand. Lastly there was me with my machine embroidered, appliqué and patched Antique flowers. Take a look at the ladies achievements, they are stunning


  1. I'm seriously considering doing the antique flowers class you're doing at Bee Crafty in November. Is there a reason why that colour scheme was used or is that the traditional colour for it?

  2. Hi Diane
    you can do it in other colour ways but its easier to get your shading right in these colours. Then you can get going with other colours once you've got it