Monday, 23 April 2012

Another wet day. Another small embroidery done

After several very wet days today was no different although it did start bright going down hill as the day went on. Archie our mad cocker spaniel was dancing around bugging me for a walk and i kept putting him off saying i would take him later. I really should of taken him when it was dry because when i finally got round to it the skies had opened and it didn't stop all afternoon hence Robert and i had to take him at 6.30 after work and walk him in the pouring rain. One bedraggled and smelly wet dog arrived home and then proceeded to try and dry himself all over my furniture.

I suppose I'm lucky Robert was able to walk with us today as yesterday the mad man was running up and down our very large garden, mowing the lawn with a mower made of metal in a thunder and lightening storm until i yelled at him and told him to get inside.

Apart from this i had a productive day sorting everything out for my residential week at Alston Hall Preston and even managing to finish mums miniature Baltimore quilt. Mum has been helping me with samples for up coming workshops and its a nice feeling to actually be somewhere on top of all the samples i have to produce.

Mum has mainly hand stitched her small quilt with simple traditional surface stitches such as stem stitch, fly stitch, french knots etc and added sequin flowers and buttons for the bouquets, wreaths and baskets. My little blocks are still being embroidered and sequined and hopefully will be assembled sometime next week to form a larger miniature quilt.

I will have to see what other projects are coming up and get mum going on them too.

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