Saturday, 21 April 2012

Miniature Baltimore Quilt

As I have been quilting during the day i have needed to have some armchair fodder to do in the evening. As I have an ever lasting list of samples to work with deadlines for them to be completed it made perfect sense to me that the evenings need to be used for this. So I have been hand stitching my small blocks for the Miniature Baltimore hanging planned to be taught end of May.

These little blocks are 4" x 4" and are worked using simple hand stitched embroidery, seed beads and yes sparkly flower sequins which i absolutely love working with and if i could get away with it would stitch them to everything.

Later this week they will be sewn together and have a final pain border added around them before i finally embroider and sequin a swag design round the border. I might even bead the edge of the quilt just because i won't be able to resist. We will see.

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