Saturday, 21 April 2012

Train Quilt Days

Hi there

It's been a while because I have been having a lovely time doing lots of things that I shouldn't be doing. When I next complain that I am running behind schedule i will only have myself to blame.

Or i could blame it on my daughter Julia who had a weeks holiday over Easter where she got all crafty. I cant remember the last time we did anything creative together due probably to the fact that she has spent the last four years getting her teaching degree and there has been little and no time left for creativity but boy did we make up for it with four small quilts being made and lots of quality time spent together doing them.

One of the baby quilts went to Gemma, Julia's friend when we hosted her baby shower last Sunday and was very well received. The only problem was my niece saw a picture on Facebook prompting a post to me asking where her one was that I had promised for Jamie who is now one year old and minus his quilt. So there was nothing for it but to get going on his quilt while I was still inspired.

It made such a pleasant change working with a different medium as I usually work only in Organza fabric.

I kept the main design very simple so that it was quick to make and also durable to wash over and over again but i just had to pick the train design from the fabric and make bigger interpretations of it to go round the central blocks. I used bondaweb to adhere the train and carriages with a fairly open satin stitch over the edges followed by free motion detailing in the form of writing Jamie's name on the engine and adding pattern to the carriages. Simple ditch machine quilting was done around the blocks with free motion quilting giving texture to the train border. Finally a narrow edging was added and hand stitched over to the reverse to finish the edges.

Oh its for me

It's not a technical quilt and it wouldn't win any prizes but it is practical and hopefully will with stand my nieces washing regime.

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