Saturday, 19 January 2013

Keep on stitching retreat

It's been a LOVLEY few days teaching at Hillscourt conference centre for the keep on stitching group organised by Pam Neave. Pam does an excellent job organising teachers to teach patchwork, creative machine embroidery, computer machine embroidery and dress making. This session was badly hampered by a major English dumping of a large amount of snow but those ladies who had booked on to the courses bravely ventured out and a steady trickle of snow wrecked but determined ladies arrived under terrible weather conditions to attend their classes The tutors of which I was one had dropped everything the day before and packed our cars travelling up the motorways prior to the course to avoid the incoming weather . ( so glad I did because I wouldn't of attempted it like those brave ladies on the day)
Once everyone was settled we just shut out the continuous snow fall and got stuck into our classes. My class made machine embroidered flower vases and bowls and with wonderful food and a good supply of coffee the girls produced some wonderful vases which i thought were superb

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